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GSA dashboard consolidates contract spending data

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The General Services Administration has launched an online dashboard to provide agencies and industry with greater access to its contract spending data for planning and budgeting purposes.

The Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) Dashboards  aggregate  non-classified data on federal information technology spending from 2004 to present through GSA’s five GWACs: 8(a) STARS, 8(a) STARS II, Alliant, Alliant Small Business and VETS contracts, GSA announced on Tuesday.

“This tool is especially valuable to small businesses as it provides access to business intelligence they can use to assess market opportunity, decide how best to allocate resources, and identify potential teaming partners for future projects,” GSA Federal Acquisition Service Acting Commissioner Mary Davie, said in a statement.

The dashboard is updated daily and can also help agencies monitor their use of GSA GWACs. It allows users to create customized reports with contracting data sorted by year, contract, federal agency or company.

For example, a quick search of spending data by fiscal year showed that total obligated sales on GSA’s governmentwide contracts has exceeded $218 million, with Alliant sales accounting for nearly half that number.

The website, however, has a disclaimer: “The data contained within may not be fully accurate.”

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NASA to start market research for SEWP V

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NASA will take tips on how to form the next iteration of its governmentwide IT contract this summer, agency officials announced today.

NASA’s Solutions for Enterprise Wide Procurement (SEWP) program office will hold 45-minute one-on-one interviews the weeks of July 9 and July 23 to get insight from contractors and interested parties on current and upcoming IT products and trends that will help build SEWP V, according to a news release posted on the SEWP website.

Sixty interview spots are available on first-come basis at https://www.sewp.nasa.gov/registration. The registration is also open to anyone who wants to receive updates on SEWP V.

SEWP V, like its predecessors, will be a governmentwide acquisiton contract, or GWAC. GWACs are available to any federal agency for information technology products and services, including computers and servers, network equipment, storage devices and software. Pre-approved vendors are eligible to compete for task orders placed by customer agencies under those contracts.

Agencies spent $2.3 billion through SEWP IV in 2011, according to the program office.

Forty-two vendors were awarded contracts on SEWP IV in 2007 and 2008. The competed SEWP IV contracts expire in 2014 and have a $5.6 billion ceiling. Four 8(a) non-competed contracts expire next year and are limited to between $3.5 million and $4 million.

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Counting contracts

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A routine fact-check has become an excursion into the federal contracting wilderness as I try to wrangle the exact number of governmentwide acquisition contracts, or GWACs, that agencies hold for information technology products and services.

The proliferation of multiple award contracts has been well documented and federal procurement officials have yet to come up with a definite count of how many exist among the various agencies. But GWACs are different because the contracting agency must first be approved to hold a GWAC by the Office of Management and Budget. That should make them easier to count, right?

So far, I’ve come across several different counts, including two from OMB’s Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP):

I found this chart in a Google search and it looks to be from OMB from an unknown time. It lists 13 GWACs, however, there are some attributed to the General Services Administration that are not on GSA’s own list. And I believe Commerce’s GWAC expired since this list was made.

Then there is the multi-agency contract opportunities list on the OFPP site that would add up to 9 (if you count the 4 on the GSA link). But some of the National Institutes of Health GWAC links don’t work. It looks like only two of the NIH GWACs are in existence now and a third is coming soon. But I believe the Department of Homeland Security was given permission to award a GWAC and that is nowhere to be seen on this list.

Calls to a federal market research firm, searches on Nexis and recent testimony from former OFPP officials also came up with different numbers — 6, 10 and 12. I’ll have to figure this out soon, so if you know where the master list is, please let me know.

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