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Federal government open Wednesday in DC

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The Office of Personnel Management just announced that federal offices in the Washington area will be open Wednesday, after two days of closures due to Hurricane Sandy. However, non-emergency employees will have the option to telework, or use unscheduled leave if they need to. That means they can use leave options such as earned annual leave, compensatory time off, or leave without pay, or they can rearrange their work week under a flexible work schedule, if possible.

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Government in DC area closed again on Tuesday

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Hurricane Sandy has claimed another workday in the Washington area. The Office of Personnel Management just announced that DC-area offices will be closed again Tuesday, Oct. 30.

The Supreme Court also rescheduled Tuesday’s arguments for Thursday, Nov. 1.

UPDATE: Tuesday’s closure will operate by the same rules as today: Emergency employees still must show up unless their bosses say otherwise, and employees who were already scheduled to or required to telework will still have to telework.

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Frankenstorm closes DC-area offices Monday

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With Hurricane Sandy barreling towards the East Coast, the Office of Personnel Management just announced that federal offices in the Washington area will be closed to the public Monday. That means that most employees will be granted an excused absence, unless they’re required to telework, on official travel outside of the DC area, on leave without pay, or on an alternative work schedule day off.

There are a few other categories of employees who won’t get the day off, however. Emergency employees are expected to show up for work tomorrow, unless they’re told otherwise by their bosses. And if you were already scheduled to telework tomorrow, you will still have to telework the whole day, or request leave (or a combination of the two).

Keep watching FedLine for more news as this Frankenstorm develops.

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Snow won’t cost feds Presidents Day holiday

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berry 1 small jpgThe federal government isn’t going to make Washington-area employees come in to work on Presidents Day, Feb. 15, to make up for the snow days this week. Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry refuted that rumor in an online chat this morning hosted by the Washington Post.

Berry also said there will be no furloughs to cover the cost of the government shutdown.

The government has closed all four days so far this week, as well as a half day on Feb. 5. Berry said he is going to consult with the National Weather Service and local government officials at 6 p.m. today to decide if he’s going to make it a straight flush and close the government for the fifth day this week. But even if the government opens tomorrow, Berry confirmed that OPM will allow employees to take unscheduled leave if their neighborhoods are still snowed in.

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DC offices pull off the hat trick, closed for third day in a row!

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D.C. federal offices are closed again tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb 10) with the same exceptions and caveats that applied for the last two days.

In case you are excitedly celebrating this rare hat-trick closure and can’t remember the exceptions and caveats, here is the rundown, verbatim from OPM’s site:

  • Nonemergency employees (including employees on pre-approved leave) will be granted excused absence for the number of hours they were scheduled to work. This does not apply to employees on leave without pay, leave without pay for military duty, workers’ compensation, suspension, or in another nonpay status.
  • Telework employees may be expected to work from their telework sites, as specified in their telework agreements.
  • Emergency employees are expected to report for work on time.
  • Employees on alternative work schedules are not entitled to another [alternative work schedule] day off in lieu of the workday on which the agency is closed.

UPDATE: For workers outside the D.C. area living in locales also affected by the storm moving up the east coast: check with your Federal Executive Boards and office heads about closures. The New York FEB’s inclement weather hotline — 212-246-0748 — is recommending non-essential personnel stay home on Wednesday, but this is ONLY a recommendation for feds in the Big Apple. The message also reminds workers to check with their managers to see what their office’s operating status is for tomorrow. It also reminds workers there are only 39 days until spring. Thank goodness.