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The state of federal public service (and how to improve it)

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These are trying and uncertain days for federal employees. Their compensation and contribution to the nation are under scrutiny as never before. Public support is low. The nation’s leaders are engaged in debate on how to readjust the size and role of government. And meanwhile, federal workers are retiring in large numbers.

As the nation celebrates Public Service Recognition Week, Federal Times asked leaders in the federal community to reflect on the state of federal public service and on what, if anything, should be done to improve it. Following are excerpts of their responses.


  1. Gerald LAdosky Says:
    May 5th, 2011 at 12:13 pm

    While I once felt proud to tell people that I support the Military with my federal job, I now cringe when I hear the news and my elected officials accussing me of being overpaid, lazy, non-productive, and a burden on my country that I served while in the Marines and that I continue to do till today. To top everything else negative being slinged at Civil Servants, I now hear when I am close to retiring, that Social Security is being categorized as public assistance. I thought I had paid into this system. Seems to me that the same people who spit on me upon my return from Vietnam are still spitting on me.

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