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Obama mum on further pay freeze — will he support extension?

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The White House just released a Statement of Administration Policy opposing Republican Sen. Dean Heller’s bill, S 1931, to extend the payroll tax holiday, which would also extend the current two-year pay freeze to five total years. But what I found most interesting is what’s not in this SAP: An clear statement from Obama outright opposing the pay freeze extension.

Sure, the White House bashes Heller’s bill for not asking millionaires to “pay their fair share” (IE, raise taxes on them, as Democrats support), not expanding the payroll tax cut from $1,000 to $1,500, and adding new budget cuts that would “reduc[e] core government functions ranging from services for this nation’s veterans to border security, and further cutting back spending on the nation’s defense.”

But the pay freeze is not explicitly mentioned anywhere. Eeeenteresting. By refusing to bash Republicans for considering a three-year freeze extension, is Obama leaving himself wiggle room to back one or two more years of frozen pay?

National Treasury Employees Union President Colleen Kelley just told me the bill could come up for a vote tomorrow. This thing’s moving fast. Stay tuned for further developments — and hold onto your wallet.

UPDATE: Heller’s office says the bill could be voted on tonight.

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