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Transportation Secretary a bike lane-loving hipster

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Go back to Williamsburg, hipster. (Tim Sloan / Agence France-Presse)

Hats off to the Huffington Post for asking the important questions. In an interview, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said he’s worried about the way car drivers mistreat bikers, and applauded cities that have constructed dedicated bike lanes. Said LaHood:

I’m concerned that people that are driving cars have a level of respect for bikers, and that’s the reason that we have these bike lanes. Bikers have as much right to the streets as anybody driving a car and I am concerned about [their safety].

When HuffPo told LaHood he sounded like a “run-of-the-mill hipster,” he appeared confused, and said “I don’t even know what that term means.”

As Gawker notes, “But isn’t that exactly what a hipster would say?”

Federal Times has uncovered exclusive footage of LaHood working his second job as a bike messenger:

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. albert Says:
    May 11th, 2011 at 4:46 pm

    Has Ray LaHood really seen how DUMB bike riders are when they are riding their bikes on streets. They weave all over and even make jerting turns into the lane of traffic, they ride anywhere from 2 abreast to 4 abreast even on 2 lane roads even when state bike laws require single file, they run stop signs aand stop lights. If they obeyed traffic laws it wouln’t be bad but I don’t think they are smart enough to know the laws. Bike Lanes ANOTHER DUMB solution by an 0bama appointee.

  2. Michael Gilbert Says:
    May 12th, 2011 at 6:44 am

    Hi Albert: Have you seen how DUMB your comments are? First of all there is a HUGE lack of education with bicyclists. Drivers are educated and tested on laws over and over again, yet they still BREAK THE LAW. Can you say fallacious argument three times fast on your part? How many DRIVERS fail to signal when changing lanes (+3 points on your license in VA), fail to properly stop a stop sign, break the speed limit, etc etc… The problem with your argument is that you attempt to paint the ugly picture of cyclists, and in a backhand way, are advocating for less rights for them. Why don’t you just continue that logic and do the same for cars! Give me a break.