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Tweets of the day: Federal News Radio catches OPM snoozing

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I’m just going to let this series of tweets from Federal News Radio’s Amy Morris speak for themselves:

Response to Interview request from @fednewsradio and @wtop from OPM PR person, “I’m in bed, I can’t help you. I really need to sleep.” (About 7 hours ago)

Apologies to feds who follow us…#FedDrive wants to give u info re: OPM’s decisions, but apparently their PR person would rather sleep. (About 6 hours ago)

@cdorobek I’m so furious I could spit. WTOP and WFED have talked about it on the air. A totally unacceptable response. (About 6 hours ago, responding to Chris Dorobek of the Dorobek Insider show)

Update on OPM interview: Director John Berry has responded to WFED personally…we hope to get an interview today. (About 5 hours ago)

@DCRadioDan We got OPM Director Berry. He was gracious enough to join us in the 8a hour. We’re about to replay the interview again. (About 4 hours ago)

Morris’ interview with Berry on the snowstorm and how he decided to close the government early yesterday can be heard here. In it, Berry refuted criticism that the government’s early dismissal contributed to the epic gridlock that paralyzed the DC area last night. He said feds who didn’t heed the advice to go home early and beat the snow, along with the sheer speed at which the storm developed, “combined to make a bad situation even worse.”

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