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OPM: Watch out for swine flu

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The Office of Personnel Management is warning agencies to be prepared in case swine flu hits their area. An April 26 memo from OPM Director John Berry tells managers that employees might become sick or have to care for family members who contract swine flu, and reminds them of the government’s various sick leave and family care policies.

And for employees at agencies such as the Transportation Security Administration or Customs and Border Protection – who could come into contact with travelers who may have contracted swine flu — the memo also includes advice on how to manage such encounters. OPM recommends that when a traveler is coughing, showing signs of a fever, or other symptoms that could indicate swine flu:

  • Separate that individual to a private room or other area that is at least six feet away from employees and the public.
  • After separating the traveler from others, notify the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quarantine station.
  • Give the ill traveler a surgical mask to keep him from infecting others.
  • If possible, isolate the ill traveler in a room separate from the airspace of others.

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