Ask The Experts: Retirement

By Reg Jones

Part- and full-time work and high-3

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Q. How is my annuity reduced after working full time for seven years, part time for 10 years and then full time for an additional 13 years? Is it still the high-3, or is there a reduction because of less money contributed for those 10 part-time years?

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Q. I have been a part-time employee of DHS since September 2008. Not until fall 2008 was I told I could enroll in FEHB as a part-time employee. My FEHB was initiated during that open enrollment period and began in January 2009. If I retire next year at 70, will I be eligible to continue the FEHB Plan into retirement since I won’t have five years of creditable service but was not offered the plan earlier due to my part-time employment?

A. The law is clear. You must be enrolled for the five consecutive years before you retire or from your first opportunity to enroll. It doesn’t sound as if you enrolled from your first opportunity, which would have been when you were first employed in a position that would have allowed you to do so. I suggest you check with your personnel office to be sure where you stand.

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Retiree considering full-time job

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Q. I am a 69-year-old CSRS retiree. Would taking a full time job reduce my annuity?

A. No.

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