Ask The Experts: Retirement

By Reg Jones

Using federal service toward military retirement

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Q. I worked one year at the veterans hospital in Palo Alto, then joined the Navy. I am exploring retirement from the Navy after 26 years of good service. Can I link my federal service toward military retirement? Every year of military service means 2.5 percent more toward retirement. Most people are asking about the opposite.

A. No.

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Postal service and FERS retirement

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Q. Does the time I worked as an RCA/AUX mail carrier count toward my retirement under FERS? I was hired in USPS in 1995 and just got a full-time carrier job this year. Some have said I should buy that time back; some have said I can’t buy that time back; and some say it will count anyway.

A. Yes, Rural Carrier Auxiliary employment does count toward retirement, but only if you make a deposit to the retirement system for that service.

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