Ask The Experts: Retirement

By Reg Jones

FEHB options

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Q. I will be retiring with 18+ years of federal service in March at age 57 under MRA +10. I am a military retiree enrolled in Tricare Prime. I have been looking at what, if any, Federal Employees Health Benefits I should take.

I know, at age 65, I will need to get Medicare Part A.  But is using something available under FEHB my best option? Since I have never been enrolled by FEHB before, I know I have to get documentation from Tricare saying I have used them for at least five years.

If I go with FEHB, can I get a family plan in consideration that my wife and I have been married for going on four years (thus, she has not been under Tricare for the minimum five-year requirement).

A. I can neither tell you whether you should enroll in the FEHB program nor what plan to enroll in if you do. However, you only need to be enrolled in the FEHB program before you retire and have a total of fivr years of combined coverage (Tricare and FEHB) to carry that coverage into retirement. Further, if you enroll in the self-and-family option of an FEHB plan, your wife would be covered regardless of how long you’ve been married.


  1. Michael Ray Says:
    November 8th, 2013 at 10:40 am

    In order to continue to be eligible for Tricare after 65 you must enroll in Medicare Part A & B. Then you will be under Tricare for life. .