Ask The Experts: Retirement

By Reg Jones

Unused sick leave and MRA+10

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Q. I’m under. I know, under MRA +10, I need to have more than 10 years of service and have to be at least 57 to retire before my minimum retirement age with a 5 percent-per-year reduction for each year under 62 or retire at 60 with no reduction. If I have one year of unused sick leave accrued by the time I’m 59, could I retire at 59 and have my year of unused sick leave credited toward my years of service to avoid the reduction of 5 percent, or do I still have to work until 60 to avoid reduction even though I’ll have a full year of unused sick leave?

A. No, you can’t. Unused sick leave can only be added after you have met the age and service requirements to retire.

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