Ask The Experts: Retirement

By Reg Jones

FERS disability and Social Security disability

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Q. I am a FERS disability retiree under retirement age. I have been receiving disability since 2001. I also started receiving Social Security disability. I am confused on the percentage the Office of Personnel Management takes away from me. I do not have any deductions for OPM.

A. Here are the rules: As a FERS disability retiree, you would receive 60 percent of your high-3, minus 100 percent of any Social Security disability benefit. After the first 12 months and up until age 62, you’d receive 40 percent of your high-3, minus 60 percent of any Social Security disability benefit. If OPM hasn’t been offsetting your FERS annuity, you may have been overpaid. You need to check with them to be sure that you don’t end up owing them money. Call at 800-888-767-6738 at 724-794-2005 and talk to one of their benefits specialists.

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