Ask The Experts: Retirement

By Reg Jones

Medicare Part B, Tricare for Life and FEHB

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Q. I will be turning 65 next month. I have Federal Employees Health Benefits coverage. I just enrolled for Medicare Part B. I am a retired reservist. I intend to enroll in Tricare for Life. DEERS requires that I disenroll from FEHB to enroll in Tricare for Life when I start Part B coverage My HR person has no idea whether I can drop my FEHB. Where can I get definitive information on this issue (disenrolling from FEHB at 65) to show HR?

A. You are NOT required to disenroll from the FEHB program to enroll in Tricare for Life. However, if you wish, you may suspend your coverage in that program. You did have to enroll in Medicare Parts A and B. Note: If you later lose your Tricare for Life coverage, you could immediately re-enroll in the FEHB program. If you decided to drop your Tricare for Life coverage, you could re-enroll in the FEHB program during the next open season.

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