Ask The Experts: Retirement

By Reg Jones

CSRS employment and Social Security

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Q. I retired under full CSRS (none offset) in January 2010 with 35 years’ federal service as a GS 14/10. I am 59 and don’t have the 40 credits required to receive Social Security benefits when I turn 62.

Is it worth it to take a part-time job just to get my 40 credits in, or will there be a reduction to my federal retirement that will hurt more than it will help? I haven’t earned very much in the private sector — just a few years before I became a CSRS employee in 1977, including the time I served in the Army, which I bought back to add to my CSRS time (included in the 35 years), but still paid a very small amount to Social Security while serving in the Army.

I have an opportunity to start a small business (~$10,000 per year).

Would it be better to have the business in my wife’s name to add to her Social Security rather than affect my CSRS? Or will I expect to see a small Social Security check when I hit age 62 if I get my 40 quarters in with Social Security?

A. Earning enough credits to be eligible for a Social Security benefit won’t affect your CSRS annuity. While your Social Security benefit would be subject to the windfall elimination provision, the WEP would only reduce — not eliminate — that benefit. To see how the WEP would affect your benefit, go to

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  1. recent retiree Says:
    May 14th, 2013 at 2:53 pm

    Since the employee is 59 years old and has only worked under CSRS, he might want to check to see if he has sufficient quarters to obtain free Medicare Part A when he reaches 65. Otherwise, the premium is quite steep, ranging (for 2013) from $243 to $441 per month.