Ask The Experts: Retirement

By Reg Jones

Increase in Medicare Part B for current retirees

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Q. Why is Medicare Part B premiums increasing for retirees who currently have Part B? I thought only “new” enrollees would be paying the higher rate in 2010.

A. Most Medicare beneficiaries will not see a Part B monthly premium increase as a result of a “hold harmless” provision in the current law. This allows for 73 percent of beneficiaries to be protected from an increase raising the 2010 Part B monthly premiums. Approximately 27 percent of beneficiaries are not subject to the hold-harmless provision because they are new enrollees during the year (3 percent), they are subject to the income-related additional premium amount (5 percent), or they do not have their Part B premiums withheld from social security benefit payments (19 percent), including those who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid and have their Part B premiums paid on their behalf by Medicaid (17 percent).

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  1. William Landen Says:
    December 31st, 2009 at 10:05 am

    2009 Economic Stimulus tax credit for Federal Retirees:

    You may wish to inform Federal retirees the specifics on how they can receive the 2009 Economic Stimulus tax credit of $250. Schedule M must be completed and the amount on line 14 entered on line line 63 on the form 1040 and line 40 on 1040A.
    This will more than neutralize the increse in Part B premiums for 2009. A chance on your part to raise retirees hopes.


  2. Salvatore Alifano Says:
    January 4th, 2010 at 4:26 pm

    Mr LANDEN; THE SOCIAL SECURITY RECIPANTS RECEIVED $400 in March or April. Get with it. $150 less plus $10 difference increase in Medicare B for us that are not HELD HARMLESS.Also this includes the welfare recipiants in our 27% who don’t pay a dime toward their coverage.