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By Mike Miles

C Fund to G?

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Q. I’m a 52-year-old federal employee serving in military status. I have the following in my Thrift Savings Plan account: C Fund — $145,000; G Fund — $30,000; F Fund — $10,000; and I Fund — $7,000 for a total of $192,000. I have other IRA investments of $70,000. I plan to buy back about eight years of military service for my federal retirement. My risk level is somewhat moderate, and I wanted to know if I should move a percentage of my C Fund into G? The fiscal cliff concerns me. I’m not sure if I’m balanced in my approach. I do not expect to retire as a civilian until 65. Thoughts?

A. I can’t tell you what to do since I don’t know nearly enough about your circumstances except your current TSP allocation of 75 percent C Fund, 16 percent G Fund, 5 percent F Fund and 4 percent I Fund — basically 80 percent stocks, 5 percent bonds and 15 percent cash — would be considered aggressive by most objective standards, not really moderate.

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