Ask The Experts: Money Matters

By Mike Miles

Don’t be a sucker

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Q. I’m preparing to retire and trying to learn about TSP options and the outside world with investing my life savings. I have most of the outside world telling me to pull it out now — I’m 61 — because the G Fund is not even keeping up with inflation. I also have looked into investing some of it in a program called Diversified Stock Income Plan with Wells Fargo. Under $200,000 will cost me 1.5 percent every year if I invest in this program. What do the experts say about the advice I am getting?

A. This expert says: “Don’t be a sucker!” There is no better place to invest your retirement money than the TSP, period. Start by avoiding taking advice from salespeople who are more concerned about their interests than yours. Leave your money in the TSP as long as possible. If you have IRA money, move it into your TSP account.

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  1. herbert gary maxwell Says:
    May 8th, 2012 at 2:49 pm

    Absolutely leave your money in TSP and transfer all IRA money into TSP-I did, and I am very happy.